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  • Please complete and submit the form below. We thank you for your interest in our Singapore incorporation and related corporate services.
  • For your reference, you can find answers to most of your Singapore incorporation related questions at our Singapore Incorporation FAQ page.

Section 1: Your Contact Information
Phone Number

Section 2: Proposed Singapore Company Name (in order of preference)
First Choice  PTE LTD
Second Choice  PTE LTD
Third Choice  PTE LTD

Section 3: Nature of Company Business
Brief Description of Business Activities
Paid-up Capital (S$)  (Minimum S$1). If you are applying for Employment Pass or EntrePass, we recommend a minimum of 10K.

Section 4: Directors Information
Minimum of one director is required. For each director provide: full name (as in passport), nationality, passport number, and current residential address.
Directors List
How do you plan to satisfy the local director requirement?

Section 5: Shareholders Information
Minimum of one shareholder is required. The shareholder can be a person or a company. 100% foreign shareholding is allowed. If shareholder is a person, provide: number (or %) of shares, full name (as in passport), nationality, passport number, and current residential address. If shareholder is a company, provide: number (or %) of shares, foreign company name, place of incorporation, company registration number, and registered address.
Shareholders List

Section 6: Company Secretary
Each Singapore company must appoint a qualified local Company Secretary.

Section 7: Registered Address
Each Singapore company must have a Singapore based registered address.

Section 8: Bank Account Details

Choose a bank for your corporate account opening.

Provide details of people who will be acting as bank signatories. For each person, list: full name (as in passport), nationality, passport number, and current residential address.
Bank Signatories List

Select the manner in which bank account will be operated.


Section 9: Misc Details
Financial Year End Date (Feel free to change)

In general, an auditor is not required if all the shareholders are individuals and the annual turnover is less than S$5M.

If you require an auditor, please provide the name/address of a Singapore based Auditor or let us know if you would like us to appoint an Auditor from our panel:

Auditor (Feel free to change)

Section 10: Check If You Need Any Of The Following Additional Services From Us

Check appropriate boxes

Section 11: Additional Instructions & Comments
  Additional Comments

Section 12: Signing of Incorporation Documents
Tell us where the shareholders/directors will be signing the incorporation documents so we can prepare them accordingly.

Section 13: Submit Your Request
Click the button below to submit your Singapore company incorporation request to us.

Documents Required:

After submitting the above form, please fax or email us the following documents so we can proceed forward with your request at the earliest:

For Individual Shareholders & Directors:

  • Copy of passport (IC for Singaporeans) for each of the individual shareholders and directors

  • Copy of proof of residential address (for individuals not residing in Singapore)

If the Shareholder is a Company:

  • Copy of Certificate of Incorporation

  • Company profile document showing the registered address and directors of the company

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